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Hilton Glasgow Grosvenor Hotel

7th & 8th September 2022

Steve Moore


Title of conference talk Finance to Flow: enabling community Hydro

Synopsis of conference talk Steve will provide an explanation of Triodos’ position as an experienced supporter of sector, covering the current situation and challenges, with a focus on the MorVolts community hydro scheme – their journey (the opportunities and challenges of the project)

Personal Biog

Steve has over 20 years of experience working with renewable energy projects. His work has enabled many independent developers and community groups to finance, construct and operate renewable energy projects, with facilities from £1 million to £25 million. He has a depth of experience in financing hydropower, having led much of lead Triodos’ activity in this area. Steve is proud to have worked closely with a number of community hydro developers throughout the project lifecycle, from pre-construction to post-finance operation.

Recently Steve’s work has evolved and he has assumed responsibility for a new team, whose focus is to manage and promote Triodos’ existing customers, across a wide range of sectors. He is pleased that the team’s remit includes many of the Bank’s renewable energy clients, a sector he remains closely connected to.

Josh Riddett

CEO  |  Easycrypto Hunter

Title of conference talk – Crypto Mining on Hydro Power: How to Maximise your p/kWh!

Synopsis of conference talk

Our Hydro clients are generating figures up to 60p/kWh by just turning a computer on! Monetising your power generation effectively has never been more difficult. With little to no incentives for existing and new sites, the industry is crying out for a new financial model.. That’s what we have for you. All you need is a plug socket and internet connection and it’s no more complicated than turning computers on and leaving them to run 24/7. Find out how you can start generating p/kWh figures up to 60p!

Personal Biog

Josh Riddett is one of the leading minds in the UK’s Crypto Mining industry. Having advised the EU on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency policy, Josh is at the forefront of this space. Josh and Easy Crypto Hunter have been working alongside the BHA and renewable industry for years and has resulted in recognition from the BBC, Forbes, Financial Times and many more. To date, Josh’s solution is helping over 50 renewable sites generate p/kWh earnings multiple times that which is possible from any tariff. 

Shaun Benzon

Head of Tidal Project Development  |  Mersey Tidal Power Project

Title of conference talk The Mersey Tidal Power Project

Synopsis of conference talk

The Mersey Tidal Power Project (MTPP) is unique in the UK because it is a large scale low carbon generation project development that is publicly led and has the potential to be the largest embedded generation project in the North West, providing 30% of regional demand at a time when other large assets are retiring.

Mersey Tidal Power project is exploring the opportunity of harnessing the plentiful resource of tidal range (potential) energy in the River Mersey and Liverpool Bay through the possibility of a tidal barrage or lagoon. The giga-watt scale renewable project is looking to create a 120-year generating asset as part of the regional net zero ambition.

This talk introduces the strategic context of the project as part of the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority (LCRCA) ambitions for NetZero by 2040, the history of a project which has been in development for over 3 decades and how this is being taken forward with the latest innovations in tidal range technology and some of the challenges faced in operating hydropower machines in a dynamic marine environment.

Personal biog

Shaun is a PhD qualified Chartered Mechanical Engineer with 10 years’ experience in hydropower, tidal power and energy infrastructure development. Currently the Head of Tidal Project Development for the Mersey Tidal Power Project. Having been with the project since 2019, Shaun has embarked on leading internal and external suppliers and promoting the project to key stakeholders and government and securing £2.4m of funding for the current phase of development. Earlier in his career Shaun worked for Mott Macdonald, where he specialised in hydropower and tidal power. He studied his Master of Engineering and PhD at Lancaster University. 

Simon Hamlyn

Chief Executive Officer  |  British Hydropower

Title of conference talk Welcome and introduction

Personal biog 

Simon holds a BA Honours degree in 3-dimensional design with a career that has embraced international branded drinks, hotels and leisure, electronic entertainment, magazine publishing, internet businesses and since 2001, consumer and trade membership organisations.

Simon is a Trustee of Poetry Whitchurch and Vice Chairman of the Samuel Higginson Almshouse Charity. Simon is also a National Council Member and Honorary Life Member of the South African Wingshooters Association.

Michael Matheson MSP

Scottish Government Cabinet Secretary for Net Zero, Energy and Transport  |  Scottish Government

Title of conference talk Conference Keynote address

Personal biog

Michael was born in Glasgow in 1970 and educated at St John Bosco Secondary School. He went on to study at Queen Margaret College, Edinburgh, where he obtained a BSc in Occupational Therapy. He also holds a BA and a Diploma in Applied Social Sciences from the Open University.

He was elected as the MSP for Falkirk West following the May 2007 elections. Prior to this, he was a Regional MSP for Central Scotland from 1999 to 2007. Before being appointed Minister for Public Health and Sport, Mr Matheson was Vice Convenor of the European and External Relations Committee. He also sat on the Scottish Parliament’s Health and Sport Committee, and previously served on the Justice and Enterprise and Culture Committees. Michael Matheson was appointed Cabinet Secretary for Justice in November 2014 and reappointed in May 2016. He was appointed Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity in June 2018.

Kenny Hunter

Director  |  Hunter Hydro Services

Title of conference talk Hydro Business Rates: Good news on reliefs but underlying issues remain unresolved 

Synopsis of conference talk

Kenny Hunter will provide delegates with an update on the business rates situation in Scotland, ranging from the decision to extend the 60% relief scheme to 2032 to concerns around the next Revaluation taking place in 2023 and the latest view on the application of state aid rules to hydro business rates relief. The presentation will conclude with a sector performance update, drawing on hydro scheme output data gathered by Hunter Hydro over the past 5 years.

Personal biog

As Director of Hunter Hydro Services, Kenny is responsible for managing a portfolio of hydro schemes throughout Scotland and providing a range of additional support services on behalf of clients including Guinness, Mount Stuart Trust, CRF Hydro, Farr Hydro and Glenkiln Hydro. In recent years, Kenny has been at the forefront of the Scottish hydro sector’s lobbying efforts on business rates, engaging specifically with the Scottish Government on behalf of the BHA. Despite his best intentions, Kenny has also been drawn in to the long-running Old Faskally saga, engaging with the assessors on behalf of Alba Energy.

Before establishing Hunter Hydro Services in 2018, Kenny worked for MEG Renewables, developing, and managing a portfolio of hydro and solar pv assets.

Alex Linklater

Executive director  |  Alba Energy

Title of conference talk The Case of Old Faskally vs the Assessor

Synopsis of conference talk

It began in 2013 as a challenge to a flaw in the way Rateable Values (RVs) were being applied to Small Hydro site. It escalated into the longest-running legal dispute in business rates history. The Assessor, refusing to accept the decisions of the normal appeal committee, twice took the industry to court and dragged out the process over eight long years. How did a technical glitch in the valuation methodology become an irreconcilable stand-off in the Scottish system? What are the lessons for the Small Hydro Sector? What does it mean for hydro RVs in the future? And where does this leave the relationship between the industry and Scottish Government?

Personal biog

Alex Linklater is the developer and director of Buckny Hydro, a 500kW scheme in Perthshire, and executive director of Alba Energy, a members organisation representing independent hydro operators in Scotland. He is a member of the Hydro Task and Finish Group, established by the BHA, which represents the interests of the hydro sector to Scottish Government.

John Burns

Charging Scheme Manager  |  SEPA

Title of conference talk SEPA Charging Scheme Update

Synopsis of conference talk

John will provide an update on the SEPA charging scheme following on from the consultation that was carried out earlier in the year.

Personal biog

John Burns is a chartered chemical engineer working in SEPA where he has worked in a number of regulatory, policy and implementation roles initially around large industrial sites and latterly as the charging scheme manager. Prior to SEPA John worked on offshore safety developments in the North Sea.

Jon Clipsham

Chief Commercial Officer  |  Protium Green Solutions Ltd

Title of conference talk Hydropower + hydrogen: from resource to opportunity

Synopsis of conference talk

The global growth in renewables is helping to drive the energy transition. Hydrogen, and in particular hydrogen produced from the electrolysis of water (green hydrogen) is emerging as one of the keys to enabling the transition. This talk explores how hydropower and hydrogen can work together – where are the market opportunities, how hydrogen production can be an enabler for increased hydropower deployment, and what are the barriers we need to jointly overcome.

Personal biog

Jon is an experienced hydrogen professional, who heads up the commercial team at Protium Green Solutions – a highly innovative hydrogen project developer. He has worked across a number of green technologies during his career and is an advocate for hydrogen’s role in the global energy transition. In addition, he is a Director of the Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Association; a Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry; and lectures at a number of educational institutions.

Adam Hall

Director of Energy Services  |  Drax Group

Title of conference talk The electric vehicle market and what it means for our energy system

Synopsis of conference talk

Electric vehicles powered by renewable energy will play a significant role in the UK achieving its 2050 net zero commitments and policy is now in place to drive this change.  The well-publicised announcement that the sale of new internal combustion engine vehicles will cease from 2030, for instance, probably hasn’t escaped your attention.  

The move to electric mobility is revolutionising traditional forms of transport and this talk will focus on new market trends and developments as well as what the move to electric means for businesses embarking on this transition.  He will also look at the impact on our energy system and consider how vehicles will be charged in the future without the need for significant grid reinforcement    

Personal biog

As Director of Energy Services, Adam is responsible for delivering innovative solutions for businesses looking to control their energy and costs, whilst improving sustainability.   

He manages the Drax Electric Vehicles team, which helps customers transition their commercial fleets to electric whilst also reaping the environmental and financial benefits.  

Adam also manages the Drax Electric Assets specialists who work with customers to help optimise their energy usage, providing fixed savings on each month’s electricity bill 

Adam has worked for Drax for over a decade and has extensive experience in product development, innovation, financial control and the commercial aspects of running a business.

Deidre MacDuff

Distribution System Outage Planning Manager  |  Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks

Title of conference talk Distribution Access For Embedded Generators – improving exports during outages through new policy

Synopsis of conference talk

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks has in collaboration with stakeholders, introduced new policy designed to maximise benefits from the growth in renewables generation connections in the North of Scotland. This is aligned to support Scottish Government’s 2045 net zero targets. The session will explore benefits of the new policy including improvements to maximise generation during outages. It is also an opportunity to hear more about flexibility services through Constraint Managed Zones and a discussion about outage constraints.

Personal biog

Deirdre is currenting leading a team of System Outage  Planning Engineers for Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks Distribution in the North of Scotland, she is responsible for delivering a practical and efficient outage programme to maintain the security of supply on the networks as the business drives forward plans to rebuild the networks and deliver its construction programme.  Deirdre is an electrical engineer with 16 years industry experience she started her career with SSE on site-based construction projects and has worked in operational planning roles within electricity networks in both Transmission and Distribution control centres since 2012.

Graham Stein

Network Operability Manager  |  National Grid ESO

Title of conference talk Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme

Synopsis of conference talk

The Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme is an initiative from National Grid ESO and the Distribution Network Owners to help implement new Loss of Mains requirements. It opened its payment scheme in October 2019 and has offered payments of over £25m to generators so far. The programme’s purpose is to make sure changes are made before September 2022. With less than 12 months to go, how successful has it been? What have we learned along the way and what might we have done differently? Here is how you can help.

Personal biog

Graham leads the Network Operability team within National Grid ESO – the electricity system operator for Scotland, England, and Wales. He has spent many years evaluating and dealing with system performance risks for the electricity transmission system, with a progressively sharper focus on distributed energy as its contribution has become more and more important.

Robert Vestentoft

Shareholder and Director  |  Dorothea Lakes

Title of conference talk A new pumped  storage hydro facility on the northern edge of Snowdonia.

Synopsis of conference talk

Dorothea Pumped Hydro is a new company established specifically to acquire the Dorothea Lakes complex on the northern edge of Snowdonia and to secure consent for a pumped hydro storage scheme of around 450MW.  The shareholders and directors of the company and mainly from the property sector and have a long history of working togetherin development and  strategic planning.

Dorothea Pumped Hydro became interested in the energy storage sector after discussions about funding with Quarry Battery Company, that did not progress but as a result of this interest we acquired Dorothea Lakes in 2017.  Dorothea Lakes was one of the largest slate quarries in Europe and the largest in North Wales.  At its peak the annual output was 17,000 tons and some 350 people were directly employed.

Others will speak with more knowledge than me on electricity markets but what is needed is the introduction of a mechanism to guarantee a baseline revenue to enable private investment.  We are all working to that end, but we believe it is important that the government sees the potential of the whole UK wide picture

Personal biog

Robert qualified as a chartered surveyor in 1976.  He has worked as a surveyor for the government and in private practice before moving into banking in 1984.  In 1991 he was a founding director of Cirrus Properties Ltd a commercial property development business.  Since then, the company has expanded into large scale strategic planning work principally for large scale residential development but also including sites for solar energy and now energy storage. 

Robert is married and lives in East Sussex and when he is not working looks after a large old house and garden.  He writes a bit and is an avid skier and sailor.

Sean Kelly, BSc CEng FIET

Hydro Development Manager  |  SSE Renewables

Title of conference talk The flexibility benefits of Pumped Storage in a Net Zero GB electricity system

Synopsis of conference talk

The UK government has committed to a net zero carbon electricity system by 2050. The bulk of new low-carbon generation needed to meet 2050 demand will come from more low-cost renewable generation [offshore wind especially] but there is a clear need for more system flexibility to balance and obtain best value from this variable renewable generation.

Energy storage will play a key role in providing this flexibility and pumped storage hydro, as the biggest and most mature of all the energy storage technologies, has key role to play. So how does pumped storage hydro, with its long duration but high initial CAPEX costs, fit and work with the other forms of grid flexibility? What are the technical capabilities that this technology can offer that will bring flexibility benefits to the GB electricity system?

Personal biog

Sean started his career working in the mining industry in the 1980’s followed over 20 years in manufacturing industry with Alconza from the Basque region in Spain who specialised in generators for the small hydro industry. Sean has worked for SSE Renewables for 12 years and is SSER hydro development manager. Sean has led the Coire Glas project through its planning consent phasing and is continuing to work on the project as it looks to move into the construction phase. Sean Kelly was recently elected as Fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology.

Mark Wilson

CEO  |  ILI Group

Title of conference talk PSH, Covid 19 and a green recovery

Synopsis of conference talk

Mark Wilson will discuss ILI Group’s PSH project Red John which is situated next to Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands including the project’s benefits, the need for long duration storage as part of the UK’s energy mix, the growing need for electrical storage, and the next steps both industry and policy makers need to take in order to make this a reality and assist the country in achieving Net Zero.

Personal biog

Mark has been focused on the renewable energy sector since 2008. From an original target of 100 consents, Mark led the ILI team in achieving 96 successful planning applications for onshore wind turbine projects. In 2015 he assessed that in the near future intermittent generation would need energy storage alongside it to ensure the country achieves its net zero targets.

This led to ILI creating a long-lasting sustainable solution for a greener, stable electricity grid. ILI are working on 3 Pumped Storage Hydro projects in Scotland with approx. 2GW of capacity and over 1GW of utility scale battery.

Rod Ekern

President and CEO of Tidal Pumping and Hydro Ltd  |  Tidal Pumping and Hydro Ltd

Title of conference talk The dream of baseline renewable energy generation is here

Synopsis of conference talk

We have long been awaiting a renewable energy generation system that can be base line generation. I will show you how that dream is finally here. 

The continuing use of coal, oil, gas, and atomic sources for electrical power has been needed as base line generation. This due to the unreliable nature of renewable green energy sources, added to this are the higher costs for these renewable systems.

As an example, wind turbines have a probability of generation of  approx. 10%. This means that to have a constant generation of 1 MW, a total of 10 1xMW turbines must be constructed. Solar has its limitations of generation by the availability of sunshine, and so on.

The tides are constant, reliable, and predictable as well as being independent of weather conditions. Combining tidal flow with pumped storage makes it possible to generate constant 24/7 electrical power. Base line renewable green electrical generation is here – come and learn how we can make this happen 

Personal biog

Rodney Ekern graduated from the University of Texas System, in 1976 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Rod has been a licensed professional engineer in Texas from 1980 and only recently retired to develop his patented designs for renewable generation system

Craig Scott

CEO  |  International Hydropower Association

Title of conference talk

Mining Towards Renewable Energy – Pumped Storage – Site Screening Tips and Tricks

Synopsis of conference talk

Due to the infrastructure, location and water storage capacity at existing mine sites, private developers are proposing that a significant portion of the global pumped storage capacity be used at these sites. This is evidenced in the UK with multiple projects being conceived or consented in Scotland, Wales and England. Current pits that were developed for coal and aggregates in particular are being evaluated and considered for pumped storage. Many mine sites around the world are being considered for use as pumped storage sites, with generation output typically ranging from 1 MW up to 1300 MW.  A notable example in the UK is the Dinorwig Pumped Storage. Being involved in many screening studies the presenter will provide a snapshot of a consultants screening criteria used to assess viable project sites to allow owners to undertake their own initial screening assessment pre detailed studies.

Personal biog

Craig is the Dams and Hydropower Sector Business Director for Stantec UK. Craig for 27 years has been extensively involved in new build, rehabilitation and studies for future dam, hydropower and pump storage hydropower projects in the UK and globally. Craig is a Fellow of the International Hydropower Association (IHA) and a UK British Dams Society (BDS) representative to the International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD). Craig is a member of the IHA Pump Storage Sustainability Working Group. Craig has and has had project involvement in three pump storage projects under construction and one new scheme just commissioned. He is leading a team undertaking half life upgrades of two of the UKs existing pump storage schemes, is involved in the technical elements of many of the UK’s proposed pump storage schemes, including being the consultant project director for SSE developed 1296 MW Corie Glas pump storage scheme presently in the contractor procurement phase.  

Arne Kollandsud

CEO Tidetec AS  |  Tidetec AS

Title of conference talk How Tidetec technology could re-ignite the tidal range industry

Synopsis of conference talk

From a technology developer standpoint, Tidetec believes that environmental and financial issues are the two main reasons that the tidal range energy market has not yet kicked off. Tidetec address both issues by utilising a simpler turbine compared to conventional turbine solutions developed for the UK Tidal lagoon market. This increases the annual energy production by 20-30%.

By placing the turbine in a rotating turret, the Tidetec patented solution makes it possible to respect the natural tidal cycle in the estuary of a tidal lagoon or barrage.

This demands a turbine solution with not only high efficiency in turbine mode, but almost equally important is to have high pumping efficiency. Tidetec have achieved this with a modular design that makes it possible to use mitigation pumping production scheme. This have been proven by model turbine testing. The UK cannot achieve Carbon Net Zero without the predictable power from tidal range.

Personal biog

Arne has been working as the CEO since 2013 and is co-owner of Tidetec. He has been member of the board in Tidetec since his father Per founded the company in 2000. Arne is Chair Leader in Kollan AS, Tidetec’s main shareholder and is one of the co-writers of the book Practical innovations. 

When Arne is not working with Tidal Power, he is often heard playing his trumpet.

Bob Long

CEO  |  Natural Energy Wyre Ltd

Title of conference talk Tidal Energy – It’s all about the money

Synopsis of conference talk The presentation focusses on the unique value of tidal power. Putting a price on harmonising with smart technologies and increasing value. Bob will cover the range of technologies currently available, including electrical storage, battery support, thermal storage, electrical energy offset, hydrogen storage and generation

Personal biog

Bob is a mechanical engineer, specialising in thermal energy storage and management.

Bob was born and raised in the town of Fleetwood and remembers the town as a thriving hub of activity, being one of UKs’ largest fishing ports. Bob left the UK in the late seventies, eventually settling in Africa in 1981 and not returning to UK until late 2001, shocked at Fleetwood’s current dilapidated state.

Bob is founder director of Natural Energy Wyre and is assisted by a dedicated team of directors. The company has documented a clear path to delivering the UK’s first energy producing tidal gateway.

John Reynolds

Managing Director  |  Reynolds International Ltd

Title of conference talk Dynamic mountain environments and hydropower – conflict or synergy?

Synopsis of conference talk

High mountain environments globally comprise geologically young very dynamic systems frequented by high seismicity and rapid geomorphic movement, coupled with energetic rivers that flow through large vertical ranges.  Consequently, these same environments are ideal for the development of hydropower schemes, such as across the Himalayas.

International codes exist through which dams and structures can be designed to be resilient to scenario earthquakes.  Yet, the multi-$billion costs associated with devastated hydro schemes from natural disasters over even just the few years is testament to the fact that the hydropower sector has not yet understood the environment in which these projects are being developed. 

This talk describes significant new initiatives developed with the support of clients and The World Bank in the application of Integrated Geohazard Assessments and Disaster Risk Management.  Examples will be given of past disasters, the results of subsequent forensic analysis, and of these new methods to increase resilience. 

Personal biog

John has held research and academic posts (1978-83) and has been in private consultancy since 1983. He was appointed an Honorary Professor at Aberystwyth University, Wales, in 2005.  

John has been involved in many projects relating to geophysics and natural hazards for hydropower projects in Bhutan, Bolivia, Chile, Georgia, India, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Pakistan, Peru, Tajikistan, and Zambia. He is a member of the international Dam Safety Panel of Experts for the Upper Arun Hydropower scheme in Nepal and is currently Senior Adviser to The World Bank on Integrated Geohazard Assessments and Disaster Risk Management. 

Richard Haworth

Technical Director  |  Glen Hydro Consulting

Title of conference talk Top ten biggest wins for increasing hydropower production

Synopsis of conference talk

Many scheme operators are delighted by the successful commissioning of a scheme and to see that scheme reaching full power.  Then it rains, the scheme delivers, and money is made.  There is often an intention to check or review the performance of the scheme in more detail, but this is commonly delayed or overlooked as time passes and often never undertaken.  

When this process was conducted on our own operational sites, we identified significant improvements in what were believed to be well running schemes.  This has led us to develop a formal performance review process to ensure that a scheme is assessed comprehensively.  Here Richard lists the top ten “easy win” improvements that have repeatedly been seen to be worthy of attention to improve the production of hydro schemes following the application of this process over the past 5 years.

Personal biog

Richard Haworth is the Technical Director of Glen Hydro Consulting and Glen Hydro Development.  Glen Hydro Consulting has gained a strong reputation throughout Scotland for optimisation of the performance of operating hydro schemes. This work began with the review of Glen Hydro’s own development portfolio of schemes and our role as both consultants and developers means we bring a unique proactive approach to this work.  

Supporting a strong team of hydro engineers, Richard is responsible for all technical aspects of the schemes and for initial discussions with clients and landowners.  Trained as a mechanical Engineer, Richard gained experience in the petrochemical and construction industries before founding Glen Hydro.

Dan Pargeter

Business Development Manager - Hydro  |  Limejump

Title of conference talk Getting the best from your hydro assets through innovative solutions and products 

Synopsis of conference talk

Dan will highlight how Limejump’s hydropower generation customers have taken advantage of a volatile market in 2021 and will cast an eye on how Limejump see hydro power generation developing over the next few years, with a focus on, maximising value through dynamic trading in the long and short term, how fixed and flexible Power Purchase Agreement products empower renewable generators and future innovations that could achieve higher returns

Personal biog

Daniel Pargeter is an expert in maximising the value of generation from hydropower assets. Having delivered Power Purchase Agreements and trading agreements to site owners, hedge funds, industrial and commercial businesses across multiple technologies, Daniel continues to drive the trading of power for distributed generation with value and innovation at the core. 

Penny Carruthers

CEO  |  Carruthers Renewables Ltd

Title of conference talk Disruptive waterwheel technology

Synopsis of conference talk

Using no more complex tools than a hammer, spanner and saw, anyone can build a high-efficiency, high-performance, hydro-turbine. The Carruthers Wheel is the first waterwheel designed using modern hydrodynamics, so it outperforms not just traditional wheels but modern very low-head turbines.

The Carruthers Wheel’s low cost and exceptional flow rate capacity means for the very 1st time Very Low-head Hydropower (VLH) is affordable. VLH is a resource that accounts for ½ the world’s hydro-potential, i.e., drops too small to use the relatively cheap Francis or Peltons, and flows too small to justify the cost of a Full Kaplan. 

The Carruthers Wheel outperforms all other turbines with respect to range of flows at high efficiency. This allows natural rivers to be fully harnessed with negligible environmental impact. To summarise, less capex, more water, more energy, bigger profits and no negative environmental impacts.

Personal biog

Penelope Carruthers is the inventor of the Carruthers Wheel, the first full waterwheel patented in over 100yrs and only waterwheel specifically designed to generate electricity. Carruthers Renewables Ltd is working towards commercialising the Carruthers Wheel, as a way of opening the undeveloped market in Very Low-Head Hydropower, which in the UK is estimated to be over 3GW 24TWh p.a. equivalent to 2 new Hinkley Point C nuclear reactors.

David Harries

Partner, Head of Planning, Environment, Energy and Regulatory Law  |  Aaron and Partners

Title of conference talk Fish passes and mills: which has priority? The position after Pigot vs. The Environment Agency

Synopsis of conference talk

The Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Act 1975 permits the competent authority to construct fish passes in weirs but seeks to protect the rights of mill (including hydro scheme) owners by requiring that the fish pass does not ‘injure the milling power’ of the mill. In latter years this protection has been all but ignored by the Environment Agency [EA], such that its very meaning and intent has become obscure. 

The owner of such a scheme, Sir George Pigot, Bt., sought to challenge the EA under this Act, and succeeded in full at first instance. The EA appealed to the court of Appeal and partially succeeded, in a judgment which should nevertheless provide encouragement to the hydro industry. This talk examines the Court of Appeal judgment and what it means for hydro operators

Personal biog

David leads Aaron and Partners’ energy practice which has established itself as one of the leading niche players in the industry, with a reputation for high levels of expertise and service.

David has substantial technical knowledge, experience, and expertise in managing complex and critical problems, and ensuring projects are dealt with effectively, coordinated and properly resourced. David is a Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution accredited mediator and recognised as a ‘Leading Individual’ by independent legal directory, the Legal 500.

Bernard Dunn

Client Director  |  TL Dallas Group

Title of conference talk The insurance market and hydropower

Synopsis of conference talk

The state of the insurance market is ever changing, so by November 24th it could be different again! Bernard will seek to cover the following areas in his talk –

The current state of the insurance market, with hardening rates and reduced capacity pushing insurance premiums higher, insurers current appetite for hydropower and new renewables, “Selling” your risk profile to insurers – more than a form filling exercise, choice of excess/deductible levels. This is extremely important, both to demonstrate to insurers your willingness to bear smaller attritional losses and manage risk effectively

For small hydropower scheme owners, O&M management is key for insurers. The quality and experience of the O&M manager and processes can have major impact on premium costs. Preventative vs reactive management of schemes sends a strong message to insurers. Catastrophe insurance – protecting the Balance Sheet – not simply monthly/ quarterly P&L. Renewal / refurbishment of key assets as part of risk management.

And finally, what does your annual “Good Things Done” list look like, planning for your insurance renewal – you can never start too early and what should you budget for insurance costs for 2022? 

Personal biog

Bernard qualified as a Chartered Accountant and has spent the last 35 years advising companies across many sectors on corporate risk and insurance matters. He is a Client Director of TL Dallas, having joined the business in 2011. Bernard also leads the company’s Insurance Due Diligence practice, which provides risk and insurance reviews on behalf of VCs, banks, existing clients and lead advisors. 

His experience in the renewables sector has primarily been in hydropower and waste-to-energy.

Bernard’s other interests include being Council Member of the Institute of CAs of Scotland, the Chair of Trustees of the Ethiopia Medical Project and as a volunteer with Hospital Broadcasting Service Glasgow



TBC  |  Morvern Community Development Company

Title of conference talk Community Hydro – Morvern ‘powering ahead’ with community hydro 

Synopsis of conference talk

Since 2013, the community of Morvern, a picturesque peninsula in the western highlands of Scotland, has been exploring the potential for a shared-ownership hydropower scheme. The programme has been a key project in recent years for the Morvern Community Development Company, a charitable organisation that has worked alongside the local council to support sustainable development in the area for over 20 years. In 2020 CDC secured a new finance arrangement to support the development of a high-head hydropower scheme on the Barr River near Loch Teacuis. 

Once installed, later this year, the scheme is expected to have a 1.6MW capacity and to generate enough energy to power over 1,000 homes. In this session Morven will explain the intent and impact of the project, sharing the challenges and triumphs of setting up their community hydro-scheme. 

Personal biog


Steve Shaw

Director  |  Power for People

Title of conference talk The Community Energy Revolution: the Campaign for the Local Electricity Bill

Synopsis of conference talk

There is huge potential for smaller-scale, community owned and run renewable energy generation projects across the UK, but it is blocked from flourishing by antiquated regulations, say Power for People. Hear of their campaign that is calling for a solution: the enactment of the Local Electricity Bill, which would provide empower community energy schemes to sell their electricity directly to local people, creating an estimated twenty-fold increase in community energy generation.

Personal biog

Before founding Power for People, Steve worked on a number of campaigns including the campaign for the Climate Change Act and ran the campaign for the Sustainable Communities Act.

Ewan Campbell-Lendrum

Managing Director  |  H2O Power Ltd

Title of conference talk Run-of-River Hydro at Scale in Wales?

Synopsis of conference talk

Using the example of the 1.9 MW Ystradffin Hydro scheme, commissioned in 2020, Ewan looks at the particular challenges of developing hydro in Wales and provides an answer to the claim that run-of-river hydro threatens Bryophyte communities in river valleys

Personal biog

Since first moving to Wales from Fiji in the mid 1980’s Ewan has been fascinated by the rivers of Wales and the opportunities to develop sustainable hydro to contribute to combating climate change on a scale appropriate for Wales.  After working for large corporations for over 20 years, Ewan founded H2O Power in a Management Buy Out from his FTSE 250 employer and set out to put his money where his mouth was by developing a 1.9 MW project on the very site he had studied in his MSC Dissertation, on the impact of Climate Change on Fish, some quarter of a century earlier

Hugh Wallace

Director  |  Glendevon Energy

Title of conference talk Tilting weirs – Opportunities and challenges

Synopsis of conference talk

Hugh will touch on the rationale for employing a tilting weir at the recently commissioned Loch a Bhraoin hydro scheme.  Initially this was primarily driven by the need for environmental sensitivity at a site where hydro development had been mooted since at least the 1960’s but had been discounted several times due to concerns about enlarging the natural loch and scaring banks through fluctuating water levels. 

An Obermeyer spill gate was supplied by Dyrhoff as a means of not exceeding the  previous natural storm level of the loch. In high flow conditions this can reduce the weir’s crest by 2m while maintaining full production via the side intake screen. 

A side effect of the side intake is, however, that all flow including the compensation passes through it so can be prone to blockages and Hugh will cover the learning thus far on how this can be dealt with.

Personal biog

Hugh is founder and owner of Glendevon Energy whose initial focus was on installing renewable heat technologies into the built environment, primarily small commercial and large domestic dwellings – solar thermal, biomass and heat pumps.  This evolved into providing O&M services to the broad range of installs but also development work through initiating Rumbling Bridge and Loch a Bhraoin hydro schemes. Glendevon provides O&M to both schemes and also works with SSES of Canada to promote their coanda screen cleaning technology, that has proved extremely effective at Rumbling Bridge.

Kieron Hanson

Director  |  Hydroplan

Title of conference talk Future Energy Scenarios

Synopsis of conference talk 


Personal biog

Kieron is the founder and Director of Hydroplan UK, which specialises in the consenting, design, and construction of small to medium sized hydro projects. Kieron is a hydraulic/mechanical engineer, and the early part of his career was spent as a turbine designer. He is a former Chairman of the BHA.

Charlie Ward

Director  |  Newstream Renewables

Title of conference talk Take control of your margin, make the energy market work for you.

Synopsis of conference talk

You work hard to generate energy; how can you maximise the price and still be in control? Play the field, seek out the opportunities and look at what else you can do to increase your margin. Charlie will explain how it’s time to empower your energy sales and take back control.

Personal biog

Charlie has been involved in energy markets since 1997. From 2004 he worked as fund manager for a London based multi-family office with an emphasis on physical and financial energy commodity markets. Charlie joined as a director and shareholder at New Stream Renewables at the end of 2011. He has now been responsible for over 5.5GW of renewable PPAs, developing the “best value” process for route to market power to ensure maximum value is achieved for green generators across all technologies and tenors. More recently Charlie has been involved on assessing subsidy free renewable projects and looking at ways to enhance income through shared connections and battery storage.

James Atkins

Senior Civil Engineer  |  Stantec

Title of conference talk Making old hydro new, Tummel (34MW) replanting, a Scottish example

Synopsis of conference talk

In his presentation, James will cover pre-construction, project scoping and schedule. The Interface of civil and mechanical aspects, risks and items of note and a forward view to replanting works

Personal biog

James Atkins is a Chartered Civil Engineer with almost 13 years of experience working on dams and hydropower projects overseas and in the UK and clean water projects for various water companies including SSE, Yorkshire Water, Essex and Suffolk Water, Severn Trent Water and Thames Water.  

James is an experienced site supervisor acting on behalf of the client to ensure the contractor delivers quality work to the requirements of the specification. He was the acting Chief Dam engineer for 2.5 years on the Genale Dawa III, 254 MW hydropower project in Ethiopia as the client’s site supervisor on dam related construction works.  His hydropower experience also includes smaller scale hydro schemes on the Achonachie mini hydropower scheme, one as part of the GDIII hydropower scheme on the dam compensation pipework and the Howden mini hydropower scheme for Severn Trent. 

James has also led various works packages undertaking flood inundation mapping for various clients on reservoirs of various types. 

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